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Searching-for-a-chiropractorFinding a reputable chiropractor can be nearly as much a pain as you are already experiencing.

The ideas that follow will make searching for a quality chiropractor easier and more efficient.

Find a Chiropractor near Me

Google and other search engines use IP mapping as part of what is considered when generating the results for your search. In other words, they have an idea of where you are (within 10-15 miles) and use that to gather information that is “around” you.  But since they don’t have an exact address as to where you are, the search results are much broader in geography than you want.

Thus searching the term “Find A Chiropractor Near Me” will bring up a list of chiropractors that will likely be up to 15-25 miles away, a heck of a drive especially if you’re in traffic.

Finding a Chiropractor within Your Zip -Code

To narrow the list to those closest to you, you may want to search “Chiropractors [your zip-code]” This should narrow the results from practices a 30-60 minute drive away to those in your immediate area.

The results should have an address, phone number, and informative details of their services. Often times multiple practices will be shown on a larger map so you can see their exact location.

So now you have found chiropractors that are close, how do you know if they are reputable?

How to Find a Good Chiropractor

Nobody likes wasting their time or money, so determining the quality of a chiropractor near you prior to actually making an appointment is important.

Often times the website of individual chiropractors contains a lot of information about their style, education, services offered and experience.

Online review sites such as yelp, healthgrades and yp.com allow former and existing patients to share their experiences.

Those sites allow people like you to share their own thoughts about the chiropractor and staff.  Were they professional; did the doctor listen to the patients concerns; and was the treatment helpful are all questions you could expect to be answered from such peer reviews.

Reviews from multiple sources should be considered in your final decision.

Some of the more social media savvy chiropractors have pages on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with more up-to-date information. You may find that one of your friends has an online relationship (presumably an extension of a personal relationship) with the chiropractor. Reach out to the mutual friend and ask what they think. A personal referral is one of the best ways of finding a good chiropractor.

Some people even update their own Facebook page with requests when they have need for a service.  Like posting “Does anyone know of a good chiropractor in the Riverside Area?”

With these ideas, you should be able to find a chiropractor within a very reasonable commute and be able to get an idea if he/she is professional based on the experiences of others and the information they provide.

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