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Same Day Chiropractic Appointments Available

Same Day Appointments Are Always Available

Simply call us at (951) 363-4653 to schedule.

Don't Let Back Pain Slow Your Journey

In just a few visits, back pain can be just a memory.

Let Us Erase Your Pain

Pain relief is often had with on your first visit.  Call us to arrange your visit (951) 363-4653.

Dr. Heckman Has Been A Chiropractor in Riverside, CA
Since 1987 at Gentle Chiropractic Care.

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We Can See You Today

We can see you in hours, not days.  We purposely leave gaps in our scheduling for people needing urgent chiropractic care.

Walk in patients are accommodated quickly, but are worked in between prescheduled appointments.

To ensure a minimal wait once you arrive, please call us at (951) 363-4653 to schedule your same day appointment.

About The Chiropractor

Dr. Dorothy Heckman has over 20 years chiropractic experience. Prior to that, she was a nurse and nurse practitioner.  So she has a better understanding – Read More

Don't Let Finances Keep You In Pain

We are a preferred provider for Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Optum, United Health Care Prudential, and Union Plans.

Plan coverages vary greatly. If you will call us at (951) 363-4653 we will be happy to verify your coverage and explain your benefits.

If you do not have health insurance and are paying out-of-pocket, our fees are very reasonable and payment plans are available.

For those involved in an accident or workers compensation injury we can often provide services without payment and bill the responsible parties directly.

Call us at (951) 363-4653 so we can discuss your specific situation.

 10 Reasons To Choose Gentle Chiropractic For Your Needs


Experience & Training

Dr. Dorothy Heckman was a RN and Certified Nurse Practitioner prior to becoming a Chiropractor so she has medical experience in addition to chiropractic experience.

With over 20 years of clinical chiropractic experience and thousands of patients, she has the experience to accurately diagnose and treat your exact situation.


Dr. Heckman has an excellent reputation she has built among her peers and other members of the local medical community.

Please read what others have said about here on our testimonial pages and other review sites.


We can see emergency patients within hours not days.  Please call us at (951) 354-5211 to find out how soon you can be seen.

We are open until at least 6:30 pm weekdays (until 7 pm on Tuesday and Thursday), so we make it convenient for you.

Minimal/No Waiting Style Practice – We Respect Your Time

Unlike the cattle call at many other facilities, we respect your time.  We do not over/double book.  When you have an appointment you will be seen promptly.

Evidence Based Practice

Dr. Heckman delivers care based on experience and the latest research.

No Sales Pitch

We don’t believe you need to come back to us weekly for the rest of your life nor do we push expensive care plans or wellness supplements.

Gentle Chiropractic

Dr. Heckman does not rely on massive strength to adjust your back, but instead has mastered the art of gentle spinal manipulation.   Being adjusted shouldn’t squash or hurt you, it should relieve the pain.


We accept most insurances and provide payment plans for those without.

Strong Network of Professionals

Dr. Heckman has a network of other professionals she can refer you to if she cannot provide the best care for your needs.

Patient Centric

You, the patient, and your care is always the center of our focus from the time you enter until your care is complete.

Convenient Location with Ample Free Parking

Our facility was designed and built for specifically to meet the needs of our clients.